Almudena Sánchez Matamoros & José Manuel Sánchez-Vizcaíno

     African Horse Sickness (AHS) is considered one of the most important diseases affecting equidae for its high pathogenicity (more than 70% mortality in horses) and its high spread, as a vector disease transmitted by mosquitoes. Therefore, entry into an AHS-free country will cause devastating economic and sanitary consequences. Nowadays, this disease has a great importance and is considerate a re-emerging disease in Europe.

This section provides information about the agent and the epidemiology of the disease, its history and new updates to it, which will be regularly updated by sending new communications. Moreover, links with information of interest about the disease are available.

  1. What is African Horse Sickness?
  2. Historical evolution of the disease
  3. Diagnosis of African Horse Sickness
  4. Prevention and control of African Horse Sickness
  5. Vaccination in Spain
  6. New communications


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