BCL-3 VISAVET-UCMFrom November 28th to December 2nd, we received the visit of two experts from the Russian National Reference Laboratory for the diagnosis of African Swine Fever (ASF).

This course is framed within the "Twinning Project" between the reference laboratory of the OIE for ASF (VISAVET-UCM) and the National Laboratory of Virology and Microbiology Research in Veterinary Pokrov, Russia. 

Twinning laboratories (Rusia/Spain)

This course was mainly focused on practical learning and training in classical virology diagnostic techniques on ASF. During the week, participants worked in the VISAVET Centre Biosafety level 3 Area (BSL-3), learning the culture of macrophages, hemadsorption, direct immunofluorescence and serological techniques (ELISA and IB).

More information: Twinning projects between laboratories of the OIE.


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