Transboundary and Emerging DiseasesNuevo artículo de investigación publicado en la revista Transboundary and Emerging Diseases.

African swine fever (ASF) is an infectious disease of swine that has been present in Sardinia since 1978. Soon after introduction of the disease, several control and eradication programmes were established with limited success. Some researchers attributed the persistence of the disease in central and eastern areas to certain socio-economic factors, the existence of some local and traditional farming practices (i.e., unregistered free-ranging pigs known as brado animals) and the high density of wild boar in the region.

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El pasado 4 de octubre se celebró el acto conmemorativo de San Francisco de Asís organizado por el Colegio de Veterinarios de Madrid, en el cual fueron premiadas 3 miembros del grupo SUAT:

  1. Cecicilia Aguila Vega: premio extraordinario de carrera al mejor expediente.
  2. Marina Vicente Rubiano: premio extraordinario de doctorado.
  3. Consuelo Rubio Guerri: premio extraordinario de doctorado.

Enhorabuena chicas!!

San Francisco de Asís

San Francisco de Asís

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Nuevo artículo publicado en PLOS ONE

Plos OneEarly detection of infectious diseases can substantially reduce the health and economic impacts on livestock production. Here we describe a system for monitoring animal activity based on video and data processing techniques, in order to detect slowdown and weakening due to infection with African swine fever (ASF), one of the most significant threats to the pig industry. The system classifies and quantifies motion-based animal behaviour and daily activity in video sequences, allowing automated and non-intrusive surveillance in real-time. The aim of this system is to evaluate significant changes in animals’ motion after being experimentally infected with ASF virus. Indeed, pig mobility declined progressively and fell significantly below pre-infection levels starting at four days after infection at a confidence level of 95%. Furthermore, daily motion decreased in infected animals by approximately 10% before the detection of the disease by clinical signs. These results show the promise of video processing techniques for real-time early detection of livestock infectious diseases.

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Nuevo artículo de investigación publicado en la revista Research in Veterinary Science.

Research in Veterinary ScienceHighly contagious and emerging diseases cause significant losses in the pig producing industry worldwide. Rapid and exact acquisition of real-time data, like body temperature and animal movement from the production facilities would enable early disease detection and facilitate adequate response. In this study, carried out within the European Union research project RAPIDIA FIELD, we tested an online monitoring system on pigs experimentally infected with the East European subtype 3 Porcine Reproductive & Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSV) strain Lena. We linked data from different body temperature measurement methods and the real-time movement of the pigs.

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Transboundary and Emerging Diseases

Artículo de investigación publicado en Transboundary and Emerging Diseases.

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