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Riesgo de introducción de la Peste Porcina Africana en España por importación de cerdos

Nuevo artículo de investigación publicado en la revista Pathogens "Quantitative Risk Assessment of African Swine Fever Introduction into Spain by Legal Import of Live Pigs"

African swine fever (ASF) is a devastating infectious disease of pigs that is threatening the global swine industry at present. The current spread of ASF in Europe and its recent incursion into Germany pose a serious risk to Spain, one of the world’s leading pig producers. A quantitative stochastic risk assessment model was developed to estimate the probability of ASF introduction into Spain via the legal import of live pigs. The results suggest a low annual probability of ASF introduction into Spain (1.07 × 10−4), the highest risk being concentrated in Central European countries (Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg) during the months of April and February. The methods and results presented herein could contribute to improving prevention and control strategies and, ultimately, would help reduce the risk of ASF introduction into Spain.

Muñoz-Pérez C, Bosch J, Ito S, Martínez-Avilés M y Sánchez-Vizcaíno JM.

Noticia en los medios
Diario Veterinario: Alemania, país con más riesgo de introducir peste porcina africana en España