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Bluetongue situation (December)

The Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente has published the "Informe de Situación de Lengua Azul (Diciembre 2012) (Status Bluetongue Report: December 2012)". This  document communicates the epidemiological status of Bluetongue in Spain in December 2012. This date coincides with the month in which Spain is almost entirely vector free period (Overview seasonally vector free periods).

Report explains the evolution of the disease and vaccination programs. It also discussed in-depth the evolution of Bluetongue in Spain during the vector activity period 2011-2012 and the beginning of the 2012-2013 period, as well as the current health situation of neighboring countries. In conclusion the report highlights the favorable epidemiological evolution of the disease in recent years, remarking the importance of appropriate vaccination programs.

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