New diagnostic methods design

Nuevos sistemas de diagnóstico por termografíaCurrent research focused on the development of new diagnostic molecular methods based in the PCR methodology multiple and quantitative for several animal infectious diseases, in order to be able to carry out molecular epidemiology studies and develop techniques to differentiate vaccinated animals from infected.

Moreover, we have incorporated a new line of thermal imaging diagnosis to detect feverish conditions at an early stage and without the need for any manipulation of the animal. We are evaluating the system in different domestic and wild animals in both terrestrial and aquatic.

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Preventive Medicine

Análisis de riesgo de introducción de nuevas enfermedades emergentes.

In this research area we are developing different epidemiological models on the risks of entry different infectious diseases in our country, by identifying the critical points of each disease and modelling their potential spread. The diseases being studied are classified in the list of notifiable to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE). To date we have developed a model for Bluetongue and others to foot and mouth disease, classical swine fever and avian influenza.




 Marine Animal Health

Análisis de riesgo de introducción de nuevas enfermedades emergentes.The project Marine Animal Health has as main objectives the evaluation, monitoring and improving of health in the marine fauna of the Mediterranean Sea, contributing to conservation of the marine ecosystem.

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