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Sardinia free of ASF

Good news for the Italian island, the authorities of the transalpine country are about to declare Sardinia an ASF-free region after 42 years of being endemic. In statements to the local newspaper "La Nuova Sargdegna", Prof. Sanchez-Vizcaino, who has collaborated with Sardinian researchers in the eradication of ASF in Sardinia, has pointed out the control of "brados" (feral pigs) as a key element in preventing the transmission of the virus and achieving eradication.

Sánchez-Vizcaíno also wanted to talk about the European project he is coordinating, VACDIVA, which focuses on the development of an oral vaccine to combat the ASF virus: "The first results are encouraging. The sooner the vaccine is developed and available on the market the better it will be for pig producers around the world".

The President of Sardinia Francesco Pigliaru, dedicated a few words to this fact in social networks.