Laboratory Technicians

Belén Rivera Arroyo

Belén Rivera Arroyo

She was born in Madrid in 1983. In 2002, she finished her studies as a Senior Laboratory Technician in Clinical Diagnosis. 

Belén has been working at the Viral Immunology and Preventive Medicine Service (SUAT Group) of the Veterinary Health Surveillance Centre (VISAVET) and the Animal Health Department of the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) since 2004. 

After 16 years working in the Reference Laboratory of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) for African Swine Fever (ASF) and African Horse Fever (AHS), led by Prof. JM Sánchez-Vizcaíno, she has great experience in the design and implementation of diagnostic tools for infectious diseases in marine, bee, sheep and swine health. Among these tests, it is worth mentioning her experience in ELISA, western blot, Luminex technology, conventional and real time PCR, viral isolation in cell culture, hemoadsorption test, viral titration, as well as other molecular biology techniques; cloning, cell culture, virus production, among others. 

Belén implemented and is responsible for quality management in the laboratory under ISO 17.025. In addition, she develops most of her work in the high level Biosafety Laboratory (BSL3; VISAVET). 

During these years, she has participated in several national and international courses for the training of laboratory staff, especially in the diagnosis of ASF. As well as, in the training of undergraduate, master and pre-doctoral students in the previously mentioned diagnostic techniques.

Currently, Belén is focused on the development of new diagnostic techniques and clinical trials on ASF vaccination in the framework of the European Project VACDIVA.

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Rocío Sánchez García

She was born in Madrid in 1984. She finished her Superior Technical Laboratory studies in 2004. She did her internship in the General Hospital Nr. 12 in October.

In 2005 she received the Finnova scholarship at the laboratories for infectious diseases in the Department of Animal Health.

In July 2006 she joined the team of Professor Jose Manuel Sanchez-Vizcaino working in the diagnosis of infectious diseases in bees and swine as well as general maintenance of the laboratory, cellular growth techniques and molecular techniques (PCR, electrophoresis, etc….)

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Débora López

Débora López

Was born in Madrid in 1987. In 2012 finished her studies as Pathological Anatomy and Cytology Technician, doing an internship at the National Cardiovascular Research Centre (CNIC). Later on she got the degree of Técnico de Laboratorio de Diagnóstico Clínico, doing an intership at Principe de Asturias Hospital, where she also worked as anatomy technician.

She worked as Laboratory technician at Multidisciplinary Institute, at the CAI of brain mapping and as autopsy technician at Forensic Anatomical Institute of Madrid for several years.

In January 2020 she joined the group of Prof- José Manuel Sánchez Vizcaíno, working on animals (pigs) care and keeping and at the laboratory (extraction of leucocyte and the development of new bait for wild pigs).

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