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New protective measures against bluetongue

Almudena Sánchez Matamoros & José Manuel Sánchez-Vizcaíno

Order AAA/570/2013 laying down specific measures of protection in relation to bluetongue virus.

New protective measures against bluetongueAfter ARM/3373/2010 Order, which established the cessation of compulsory vaccination against bluetongue from July 2011, the epidemiological evolution of the disease has been considered favorable except for a defined geographic areas in the northern region of Extremadura where has been detected the viral serotype 1. Therefore, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment has found necessary to re-establish mandatory vaccination against serotype 1 in areas with high risk. The aim of this measure is the final eradication of the disease.

Vaccination against serotype 1 BTV is required in animals of the ovine and bovine spp older than 3 months of age that are located in the following region and municipalities listed in the following table. It is made ​​with inactivated vaccine and prior to 31 July, 2013.

In addition, the competent authority may apply special mandatory vaccination programs in certain farms with high risk for transmission of bluetongue virus. Furthermore, in cases where it is not mandatory vaccination of animals, the holder may choose to vaccinate animals which are found in area restricted.

BOE 13/04/2013
BOE 30/12/2010